Be Deedle Dee Do – Tutorial

Be Deedle Dee Do – Tutorial

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This is a free tutorial for “Be Deedle Dee Do”. See the full score here:


“Be Deedle Dee Do” Composed by jazz guitarist Barney Kessel and first recorded by him in in 1959 (released on The Poll Winners Ride Again, featuring Ray Brown and Shelly Mann), Phineas Newborn Jr. recorded “Be Deedle Dee Do,” a 12 measure alternate Blues head, on April 1, 1964. It was released on his album, The Newborn Touch, Contemporary Records S-7615. Following an eight measure introduction that has a double time feel (notated in cut-time on the transcription), the tune begins at m.16 of the transcription at a relaxed tempo of quarter-note = 104 in the key of Bb.