All The Things You Are – Tutorial

All The Things You Are – Tutorial

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All The Things You Are – Composed by Jerome Kern, recorded by Phineas Newborn Jr. on May 3, 1956 and released on Here Is Phineas – The Piano Artistry of Phineas Newborn Jr., Atlantic 1235 (WPCR- 27034). This is truly a work of epic proportions. After a four bar introduction of two-handed lines and chords, Newborn plays two entire choruses of the 36 bar theme unaccompanied, in what can only be called a rhapsodic tour de force. He utilizes a wide range of “classical” textures, dynamics, and tempi, spinning the theme into a tapestry reminiscent of Chopin and Liszt. At the conclusion of the second full chorus of the tune, he launches into the classic Parker/Gillespie introduction of the tune, as bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Kenny Clark join him for three choruses of amazing bebop playing. The first improvised chorus consists mainly of double-time lines. The second improvised chorus is swinging, with more space and eighth note lines, as well a return to double-time lines in the bridge and last A section. The third improvised chorus consists of Newborn’s signature style of doubling the right hand lines with the left hand, as well as a sprinkling of rapid double octaves in both hands, ending with a very melodic conclusion in the last 12 measures. The final chorus of the song is played solo piano, again out of time, as Newborn adds new textures and ideas to the theme. (22 pages)